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Real people share their experiences with the NutraStim Laser Hair Comb and how hair regrowth has changed their lives.


These customers have seen significant hair growth in just 84 days. With over 95 days left in the regrowth regimen, we expect remarkable things to come!

Individual results may vary. The progress before and after photos are successful NutraStim Laser Hair Comb device users, but are not intended to represent results everyone who uses NutraStim will necessarily experience.

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We stand behind our products and the effectiveness of NutraStim, we offer our users 6 months to use the device and return it for a 15% restocking fee if they are unhappy with their results. Please see our FAQs for return policy.


I do have to say I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased the device. I had previously tried other products and they didn't seem to help. But now after using the Laser Hair Comb for over 3 months there definitely has been progress even where my wife said 'holy cow your actually growing hair and it is getting thick.' The laser is the only thing I have done different in the last 3 years so there is no doubt in my mind that it works. Thanks for a great product.


I’m very happy with my new NutraStim Laser Hair Comb. I use while watching TV — it’s easy! I love the automatic timer that shuts off when each session’s done. I’m already seeing (and feeling) new hair growth. My hair feels fuller. It’s definitely worth the investment. I’d recommend NutraStim to anyone struggling with hair loss.


The NutraStim Laser Hair Comb is a great product. It's incredibly easy to use. I have systemic lupus and was very ill earlier this year. I lost 30% of the hair on the crown of my head. I have been using the laser as instructed for the past month and have seen some improvement. Thank you for improving my quality of life.


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Testimonials Disclaimer: All customer reviews are provided by users of NutraStim who are not affiliated with nor are the employees of NutraStim. The views expressed in any messages posted by a user do not necessarily reflect those of NutraStim. Testimonials presented on are applicable to the individuals writing them, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


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Every NutraStim Laser Hair Comb comes with a six-month money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work, send it back for a refund.